Des saliares de pseudo-pasteurs momons!! 120000 dollars par an...
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2017-01-10 17:53:04 UTC
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How much do top Mormon leaders make? Leaked pay stubs may surprise you.

By PEGGY FLETCHER STACK | The Salt Lake Tribune

Jan 09 2017

All general authorities earn the same “living allowance,” spokesman says
after the purported pay stubs show up online.

Mormons and others who wonder about the salaries of top LDS leaders got a
possible peek at those numbers Monday, when purported pay stubs for a
high-ranking church official emerged online.

Copies of the biweekly stubs for Henry B. Eyring — then a member of the
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles — report that he earned $83,132.75 from the
start of 2000 until the first week of December. Two more pay periods at
$3,096.15 each would have put Eyring's salary at $89,325.05 for the year.

The 16-year-old records were posted by MormonLeaks and show Eyring's
biweekly salary broken down into a living allowance ($2,192.31), parsonage
or clergy housing, ($826.92) and a child allowance ($76.92).

A second newly leaked document, from a more recent year, is a 2014 memo from
the church's Presiding Bishopric (which handles all financial issues for the
faith), noting that the "base living allowance" for all Mormon general
authorities was being raised from $116,400 to $120,000.



2017-01-12 11:06:08 UTC
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Post by rogergonnet
How much do top Mormon leaders make? Leaked pay stubs may surprise you.
Roger Gonnet est jaloux...

On dirait que ce papy voudrait que l'on gagne tous 500 euros par mois en restant planqué devant son ordi .-)

Il ferait mieux de consacrer son temps à des tâches plus constructives.